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We’re Ayup (pronounced ‘ey·up’), a digital product studio from Yorkshire working across the UK. We use good design, smart thinking and clever tech to fix health and social problems.

All our work is social purpose. Charities, public sector and other not-for-profit organisations make up our clients. We believe tech was always meant to be for good.

Our approach

Two industry recognised standards guide our work: the Better Digital Services Principles for Charities, and the Government Digital Service Standards. This means you get a human-centred approach full of co-design and sensible development practice. ​​That you build the right thing in the right way.

Agile delivery: Discovery phase Discovery
Agile delivery: Invent phase Alpha
Agile delivery: Engineering phase Beta
Agile delivery: Improve phase Live


Diving deep to understand the problem

We start together. This means doing joint user research, stakeholder mapping and co-design activities. Then we'll draft some user stories, create wireframes, and test out a low-fi prototype or two.


Testing what works, learning rapidly

Together we turn what we learnt during Discovery into a tangible, clickable prototype that simulates functions. Then we test it with your users and stakeholders, gather their feedback, iterate and go again.


Testing in public, polishing the product

Building on the Alpha we develop a more refined user experience and a feature-rich product suitable for public testing. Then we gather more feedback, iterate and prepare it for the world.


Into the world and ready for the future

As we integrate feedback from the Beta we'll help you prepare for launch and put everything in place to maintain and grow your product over the next 12 months, and beyond.

What our clients say

"Ayup are one of the most impressive agencies I've worked with in the last year. They engage really well. They really care."

Sam Sparrow, Operations + Programmes Lead, Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology (CAST)

"We needed a tech partner who could build trust with vulnerable people. Ayup have been great. It's been such a positive experience."

Chris Jones, Commissioning Lead, Royal Borough of Kingston

"I trust Ayup. They deliver high quality work, charge fair prices, and treat you as a partner rather than a client."

Victoria Betton, Managing Director, MHabitat (NHS)

"I’d recommend Ayup without a shadow of the doubt. They are great at listening to people’s ideas and distilling a whole range of views and concerns into a really elegant end product. They are also very good at doing what they say they will do”

Tom Doyle, CEO, Yorkshire MESMAC

“I’d absolutely recommend Ayup. We’ve got full value for money. We want to use them again in the future. They are good at facilitating co-design and engagement activities. You don’t often get the whole facilitation package with developers. It was much better than I expected.”

Tim Taylor, Business Analyst, Royal Borough of Kingston

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