Mobile Journey Redesign for Leeds Sexual Health Services

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor

Mobile Lsh 2

Even the best websites and user journeys eventually need an update. So it was with Leeds Sexual Health service. The site we launched in back in 2015 had become a bit stale, their services had evolved and so their online offering needed to keep up.

It’s easy to jump in with ideas and solutions but every good piece of work begins with listening. So we began with a simple discovery workshop where we listened to staff from a range of services and learnt about the challenges, pain points and accessibility needs of their users.

Then we mapped these to staff experiences of triaging clients and the expectations they arrived at drop-ins and clinics with based on their online journey.

80% of the time that online journey was mobile. So we simplified the home page, moved more information to the FAQs and redesigned much of the look, feel and interface behaviour.

Mobile Lsh 1

Working on the triage challenge, we analysed the various routes available and their drop-off points. Then we simplified the overall journey and replaced the important information section with an expectation setting splash screen, requesting users to click ‘I understand’ in order to continue to the drop in options.

The changes have just gone live and we’ll be working closely with the team to measure impact over the coming weeks and months.

Take a look (it works best on mobile!)