The Wall-y Great GDS Takeover

Heather Paxton

Heather Paxton

Photo Gds Poster 2

Some folk like an empty white wall at work.

We don’t.

We’re not crammers, far from it, but we believe our wall design should reflect our web and service design.

That means, be useful, solve problems and be nice to look at.

Photo Gds Poster 4

That’s why we’ve just garlanded our walls with the new Government Design Standard (GDS) posters. Now when we look away from our screens, pop into the kitchen for coffee, or join Mike doing sit ups in the corner we’re greeted by GDS advice, insights and design principles. Things like...

“Iterate then iterate again” - design and develop in small increments, test, learn, then iterate again

“No data. No truth” - challenge your assumptions, find a way to test your hunches

“Make things open” - be generous, be open to improvement, use open source