Connect Well Casestudy

Co-designing a digital platform to deliver borough-wide social prescribing


In May 2018 we won a competitive tender to design and develop the Social Prescribing digital platform for Kingston Council. We were appointed official supplier along with our friends and colleagues at mHabitat who we teamed up with once again for the bid.

Connect Well Kingston is an ambitious social prescribing project; one which aims to help local residents make a positive change in their lives and within their communities. In essence, Social Prescribing empowers both health and social setting professionals to a range of local, non-clinical services. It is viewed as a more holistic way of improving health which focuses on social, economic and environmental factors rather than just clinical solutions.

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Our approach

One of the exciting elements of this project is that we’ll be designing and developing in line with the Government Digital Standard (GDS) framework. Whilst we broadly follow the themes and ideals of GDS for the majority of our projects, this will be the first time that we will be working collaboratively with a client to properly follow, document and adhere to the GDS standard, with the ultimate aim of being audited for compliance on completion.

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The story so far

In May we held the first stakeholder engagement workshop to further develop our collective understanding the social prescribing system and of the wide range of individual user stories and journeys, as well as facilitating group ideation for solutions to core functionality. Furnished with lots of useful feedback, comments and ideas, we have been busy translating these into prioritised feature specifications (on Trello) and starting first alpha sprint, where we’ve focussed on producing wireframes and prototypes for key user stories that can then be tested with stakeholders.

Next steps

In late June, following the first design sprint, we will be testing the prototype wireframes with potential service users and wider stakeholders. July and August will see us further design and develop the prototype into a fully functional MVP, ready for staff training in September.

Follow the project story on the Ayup blog and on the open project wiki