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Putting the fizz in a healthy drinks brand’s digital presence

Great Taste Award winning Equinox Kombucha is a vibrant, young drinks brand known for its range of super-healthy, quirky flavours and for using raw, organic, unpasteurized ingredients and naturally occurring vitamins in all its products.  

In 2016, the drinks company realised it was losing out on business because its online presence wasn’t aligned with their brand and lagged behind competitors in the space. So they turned to Ayup Digital to help – a partnership that’s now reaping rewards with tripled online sales and a contract to supply the high end supermarket chain, Waitrose. 


Equinox Kombucha


Discovery / brand / creative / user experience / digital design / illustration / web development / Craft CMS / e-commerce.


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Digital transformation of the Equinox Kombucha brand


Yorkshire-based independent drinks brand Equinox Kombucha knew they had a challenge with their existing digital presence. 

In fact, the company had commissioned research which told them that their bottom-line was being impacted by their online branding.  

The research told them that their digital presence wasn’t reflecting their customer base, plus wholesalers and independent shops found it tough to buy directly from the site – a key source of revenue was being lost.  

Additionally, Equinox Kombucha had started to receive some exciting enquires from major high street retailers. The management team knew they needed a digital overhaul – and fast.  

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Project scope

Equinox Kombucha called in Ayup Digital to give it digital brand refresh and provide its online trade customers with a far better buying experience. 

The project involved reworking the company’s existing online brand and site plus implementing new online store which would enable wholesalers, small shops and independent health food stores to buy directly from the site. 

The Equinox Kombucha management team also wanted a solution that would make it easier for consumers to seek out and find a Kombucher retailer – whenever they wanted to buy one of their healthy, low-sugar drinks. 

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Ayup was keen that any digital design solution should pull out the Equinox Kombucha’s story – its ethics and its values – as this was key to differentiating it in a highly competitive drinks market. 

Ayup’s design for the site also made sure it was targeted at key Equinox Kombucha customer groups – and made it better reflect its social media presence. 

Equinox Kombucha’s new site also features an Ayup-engineered online shop with engaging product imagery and clear descriptions, which makes it easier for wholesale customers to buy. 

In addition, a new ‘where can I buy?’ feature makes it simpler for customers to discover more about each product and find a local retailer.  

With these Ayup-designed solutions, Equinox Kombucha has now tripled its online sales. 

Equinox Solution@2X

The Ayup-engineered solution involved: 

  • Making more use of bright colours and new illustrations pulling out existing elements of the brand’s bottle design. 
  • A comprehensive digital brand refresh making use of subtle animations and transitions. 
  • Developing a new ‘brand story’ online and bring out the personality of the business and its unique style into its digital presence. 
  • Developing a new online store for wholesale purchasing integrated with Shopify.
  • Designing and engineering a new ‘where can I buy?’ function for consumers integrated with MapBox API.  

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