An integrated online experience for a new health service.


NHS / Leeds City Council


Create an integrated sexual health website for the city of Leeds which takes users on discrete paths based on their demographic characteristics. 


Discovery / strategy / brand / creative / digital design / UX / illustration  / web development / continuous improvement.


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In March 2015, we won a competitive tender to design and build the online experience for a new, integrated sexual health service for the city of Leeds.


Discovery & define

We ran a series of discovery sessions and workshops with internal stakeholders and service users. The internal sessions focused on key features and user groups, helping us to understand exactly how the online experience would slot into the new, integrated service.

The new service was not going to come into being until the new website launched on July 1st, which added a layer of complexity to the project and presented a unique set of challenges. We spent time developing relationships and worked closely with the disparate stakeholders to create a balanced definition of what the online service should do and look like.


Design and build

To ensure that the look and feel appealed to a large variety of user groups, we carried out online surveys of first-stage visuals. This helped us to create a simple, accessible and not overly stylised design, which was appropriate for the sensitive nature of the website. We moved away from the stereotypical pink and blue colour scheme and developed a new style that included a suite of neutral illustrations and icons to help make content more engaging.

The technical build of the site included a range of bespoke features, including a content filter which delivers relevant content to discrete user groups, and an integrated service finder, allowing users to easily find the service that is right for them, and a live chat facility. We also performed search engine optimisation in order for the site to rank highly on a range of related key phrases. 

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"Working with Ayup has been a really positive experience. We have found the company to be approachable, supportive, creative and willing to go the extra mile. We are really happy with the results and would be more than happy to recommend them."

Hannah Sowerbutts - Leeds City Council


Our agile approach to development maximised efficiencies to ensure that the new service had a fully operational website ready for the launch of the new sexual health service. Data and statistics have highlighted a much improved online experience for service users in Leeds.

  • 31% increase in traffic
  • 40% increase in session duration
  • 55% increase in pages per visit
  • 26% decrease in bounce rate

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