Improving the experience of 40,000 festival goers.


Manchester Pride


To create a new and engaging, mobile-friendly online home for the charity’s flagship event "The Big Weekend", with a focus on improving user journeys and increasing conversion rates. 


Discovery / strategy / digital design / UX / web development / continuous improvement.


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Early in 2015 we became Manchester Pride's digital partner with a brief to transform the digital experience of their flagship event. 


Discover and define

Using existing data insights, conducting research, completing stakeholder analysis and understanding user journeys and objectives allowed us to build up a solid foundation for the project. By following our discover:delight process and focusing on UX, we were able to produce a detailed information architecture plan, and define brand, creative and technical road maps.


Design and build

Prior to the creative process we produced detailed wireframes that allowed the project team to really understand user journeys. We worked with existing brand and assets to create a colourful, engaging website with strong call-to-actions, designed to be device-responsive so festival goers could easily interact on their smartphones during the event.

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"It’s been great working with Ayup. The guys produced a superb website that perfectly matched our requirements. We’re looking forward to working closely with them on the continuous development of our digital presence."

Mark Fletcher - CEO, Manchester Pride


We created a responsive, on-brand website designed and built with the user at the centre, utilising clear call-to-actions to help increase conversions. 

  • 66% increase in page views
  • 57% increase in session duration
  • 67% increase in number of pages per visit
  • 43% decrease in bounce rate

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