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Delivering a high-intensity digital workout

Mob45 is a gym and fitness centre based around a radical new concept in sports science. Members of Mob45 work out in intense bursts of 45 minutes or less – a proven way to build muscle tone and fight the flab. 

Mob45’s key digital partner, Ayup has been working with the gym since 2016 to establish its digital brand in a crowded market and build a solution that grows its business online. 




Discovery / user experience / digital design / web development / Craft CMS / API integrations / continuous improvement.


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Mob45 Challenge@2X


A new player in the fitness market with one super-smart gym in a central London location, Mob45 needed to quickly establish a web presence in a crowded gym market and carve a niche for its brand – and radical science-backed health message. 

With big plans, Mob45 needed a digital partner who understood its brand and could quickly convey its short sharp, high intensity workout message across various digital platforms.  

In 2016, Mob45 chose Ayup Digital to be their key digital partner because of their extensive experience in the gym, fitness and healthcare space. 

Mob45 Challenge@2X

Project scope

Mob45 needed their new digital presence to do more than simply showcase their cutting edge new gym. 

They needed it to drive tours and bookings for its range of classes and personal training sessions as well as encourage sign-ups to a mailing list and attract corporate customers. Their digital presence was key to their business success – and future growth.   

Mob45 needed potential members to be able to quickly book tours and for current gym members to sign-up to the gym’s huge range of classes online. 

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Working with Ayup Digital, Mob45 now has a scalable, mobile friendly website that serves both as marketing site for potential customers and as an effective booking and timetabling system for gym members keen to book on an intense training session. 

The Ayup-engineered solution delivers: 

  • A fully scalable digital solution which conveys the core brand essence of Mob45 incorporating its high-intensity health-benefit message. 
  • An advanced booking and timetabling system enabling users to bag their place on any of the scores of classes and high-intensity training sessions offered each year by Mob45.
  • A digital design based around a strong user experience enabling each customer to quickly understand the health and cardio benefits of each and every class they will attend.
  • A social media community which drives traffic to the site and builds a strong online presence for the brand – communicating its core values and science-backed message. 

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