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Funded by the University of Nottingham and the National Institute of Health Research, REBOOT is a study to see whether an online peer support website "Big White Wall" is more or less effective in helping people when they are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, compared to freely available online information from the NHS (Moodzone).

Working with Ayup Digital and mHabitat has given REBOOT a solution with a user conversion rate of over 70% and an effective way to help them make decisions about mental health service provision in the future.


University of Nottingham, NHS National Institute for Health Research, mHabitat


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Reboot Challenge 2@2X


Commencing in 2016, the two-year REBOOT project involves assessing the efficacy of two services – the BigWhiteWall and NHS Mood Zone – to see which solution delivers the best results for the patient. However, in order to reach an accurate conclusion, University researchers needed to find a digital partner which could design and implement a complex digital solution to facilitate the study.
Reboot Scope@2X

Project scope

The researchers are aiming to recruit 2000 people, who have symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, onto a large randomised control trial in order to test the two systems.

They also needed a digital partner which understood how to design services for vulnerable groups and who could approach the project with both sensitivity – and rigour.

Reboot Solution@2X


Ayup Digital was commissioned by the NHS’s innovation and digital design team mHabitat and was involved in the development of the research project – right from the outset.

Together with mHabitat, the Ayup team started the ‘discovery’ process by engaging users – mental health patients - in the design of the service and understanding how they interacted with the two services.

Already achieving user conversion rates of over 70% (of eligible participants), Ayup’s solution is now central to the ongoing success of the project and will play a major role in helping mental health patients access better and more relevant services.

Reboot Solutions@2X

The Ayup-engineered solution delivers:

  • Designing a marketing site to attract participants to the research project and developing a full onboarding process including a patient app.
  • Developing a bespoke patient selection process using a range of best-practice assessment questionnaires to ensure patients were eligible to participate in the study.
  • Engineering a bespoke back-office system – including full notification and email systems - to ensure users receive a consistent service and are reminded to take part in the study at the appropriate time.
  • Building a selection process by creating an algorithm which allocates patients randomly to the study and met the researchers’ academic needs until 2018.
  • Designing a data collection process to enable the researchers to confidentially export, manipulate and analyse the data – informing their eventual recommendations.
  • A user conversion rate of over 70%

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